20 June 2008

Modern Furniture For An Elegant Bedroom

The modern design of today's platform beds can do wonders to the overall look and feel of your family bedroom. Whether you are in a condo, apartment, or a single family home, platform beds were created to fit any setting and address any human bedroom needs for both comfort and style.

Modern Designs Of Platform Beds

Platform beds are designed without springs in their make, and are raised using legs or a framework that can be used as storage or custom designed to fit your requirements. They have a flat, firm base that provides a solid and stable sleeping area for your mattress or cushion, unlike those found in box spring beds.

They come in various types that will fit any bedroom's size and architecture, such as twin, twin long, full, queen or king size, and so on. Assorted designs are archaic platform beds, contemporary, to modern futuristic designs. Common materials used in platform beds are wood and metal.

Wooden-make platform beds can give your room an earthy aura, and offers a wide variety of designs according to different themes that you plan to incorporate into your room. These include traditional-styled platform beds, contemporary wood-works, Japanese, or even the famous Italian design. Some of these styles come with different attributes, such as those with canopies, posts, curved-designs, upholstered, leather, and more.

Decide On A Design

Truth be told, platform beds were designed to be practical and economical. They address the basic need of man for comfort and longevity at the right price.

First off, you need to pick out a design that will fit the overall appearance of your bedroom. Take into consideration the size, color, and theme of your sleeping area, as well as the layout on where you want the bed to be placed that will maximize floor space and not encumber any of your routine.

Check out different furniture shops since they have the latest modern platform bed designs in the market. You can also browse through furniture catalogues and magazines, as well. But the best place to search, however, is the Internet. Furniture companies are now showcasing their unique line of platform beds on their Web site. You can easily check them out at your convenience without walking around town for it.

Aside from the bed itself, you can also add some additional features to it by purchasing matching side tables, cabinets, or drawers. If you really want to give your platform bead a luxurious look, go for those with headboards that matched the color and style of the bed. Other than that, you can also go for a round bed to add an exotic feel to your already elegant room.

Author : Vanessa Doctor
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