27 June 2008

Small Bathrooms Decorating Ideas

Taking bath in a well-organized and beautiful bathroom brings the complete satisfaction by draining all your stress to start the day with complete refreshment. Decorating a bathroom not only increase the look and feel of your bathroom, but also visually expand the space with a complete make over.

Before going for a complete bathroom makeover, you should have a proper remodeling plan, which should be the proper utilization of bathroom space for better looks, freshness with proper ventilation. Color schemes, wall and floors also should be incorporated in the renovation plan.

Let us start the bathroom plan with some vital points to make the remodeling project extremely successful.

1) Color schemes:

Without a proper color selection, you never can put life in your bathroom. Different colors put divergent moods and atmosphere. If you are looking for enhancing the light and space then you should choose orange color, greens or blues. You should try to take the help of a bathroom designer, who will assist you in choosing the right color for your bathroom.

2) Placing a mirror:

Putting a mirror in the bathroom make the room bigger as well as reflect lights, thus increasing the appearance of the room size. For a better solution place a number of smaller mirrors in place of bigger mirrors. Smaller mirrors should be hung like bigger mirrors with the help of hooks.

According to "Feng Sui" placing a mirror in side the front door will confuse any evil spirit to enter in to your home. So from decoration to safety of our home mirrors play a great role

3) Walls and floors:

Before going for decorating walls and floors it is essential to determine the color of your bathroom. There should be a proper co-ordination of other items in the bathroom such as towels and throw rugs to bring all the colors together

When decorating a bathroom, you should know what to use on the floor. You can find different flooring materials in the market, but all are available with their more or less drawbacks. We can take a small example of marble, which looks excellent but are going to slick when wet.

Using tile in the bathroom is a smarter idea and less expensive as well as time consuming that can add a professional look and feel. To furnish the room more skillful you can use texture tiles, painted tiles and many more types of stylish tiles, which you can find from your nearest bathroom shop.

Now this is the time for designing the walls, which you have to do either of the two methods of wall painting or by using wallpapers. It is wise able to use paint rather than the wallpapers. As the walls of the bathrooms often come into contact with water, it will separate the wallpapers from the wall.

4) Bathroom lighting:

Using lights in bathroom comes with safety questions. You should aware of few of the safety tips when using lights in the bathrooms for beautification. Always try to use only enclosed bathroom lights so that you won’t be able to touch a bulb when you are in bathtub or in wet body standing on the wet floor.

Rather than using ceiling lights above the mirror, you should use wall lights at either side of the mirror. Using ceiling lights above the mirrors would cast shadows on your face. You light switch should be located out side the room for safety reasons.

5) Extractor fans for proper ventilation:

As bathroom is a safety place it should be odor free, fresh and dry. To keep your bathroom odor free and dry with proper ventilation you should use extractor fan.

Author : Rudra Rath
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20 June 2008

Modern Furniture For An Elegant Bedroom

The modern design of today's platform beds can do wonders to the overall look and feel of your family bedroom. Whether you are in a condo, apartment, or a single family home, platform beds were created to fit any setting and address any human bedroom needs for both comfort and style.

Modern Designs Of Platform Beds

Platform beds are designed without springs in their make, and are raised using legs or a framework that can be used as storage or custom designed to fit your requirements. They have a flat, firm base that provides a solid and stable sleeping area for your mattress or cushion, unlike those found in box spring beds.

They come in various types that will fit any bedroom's size and architecture, such as twin, twin long, full, queen or king size, and so on. Assorted designs are archaic platform beds, contemporary, to modern futuristic designs. Common materials used in platform beds are wood and metal.

Wooden-make platform beds can give your room an earthy aura, and offers a wide variety of designs according to different themes that you plan to incorporate into your room. These include traditional-styled platform beds, contemporary wood-works, Japanese, or even the famous Italian design. Some of these styles come with different attributes, such as those with canopies, posts, curved-designs, upholstered, leather, and more.

Decide On A Design

Truth be told, platform beds were designed to be practical and economical. They address the basic need of man for comfort and longevity at the right price.

First off, you need to pick out a design that will fit the overall appearance of your bedroom. Take into consideration the size, color, and theme of your sleeping area, as well as the layout on where you want the bed to be placed that will maximize floor space and not encumber any of your routine.

Check out different furniture shops since they have the latest modern platform bed designs in the market. You can also browse through furniture catalogues and magazines, as well. But the best place to search, however, is the Internet. Furniture companies are now showcasing their unique line of platform beds on their Web site. You can easily check them out at your convenience without walking around town for it.

Aside from the bed itself, you can also add some additional features to it by purchasing matching side tables, cabinets, or drawers. If you really want to give your platform bead a luxurious look, go for those with headboards that matched the color and style of the bed. Other than that, you can also go for a round bed to add an exotic feel to your already elegant room.

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10 June 2008

How to use mirrors to decorate your place

1. Don't be afraid to use a lot of them

Really it's hard to have too many. Smaller mirrors can be placed next to each other, the same way you'd hang a few picture frames together, creating very interesting effects. Bigger mirrors complement each other, especially on opposite walls, playing with each other's reflection.

2. Be careful with the height

Ideally, a mirror should be placed at eye level. Again, the same rules you should follow to hang picture frames apply to mirrors. Small detail: Is "eye level" the same for you and everyone else in your home?

3. Playing with reflections

There are essentially 3 things you want a mirror to reflect:

* A window
Especially if you only have a single window in the room or if the windows are small. As nice as the effects of artificial lights can be, you're going to want to capture as much daylight as possible to make the room seem brighter and bigger.

* Another mirror
For the same reason you want the reflection of a window: this intensifies the daylight and makes the room seem brighter and more spacious.
At a certain angle, you'll also directly be able to see the reflection of the mirrors into each other creating the "infinite" pattern.

* An object
If you have a certain piece of decoration that you'd like to be noticed more, a mirror is one of the tools that will help you achieve this, multiplying the effects of your decorating ideas.
Also, placing candles in front of mirrors multiplies the effects of the light, helping to achieve a unique calm and soothing atmosphere.

4. Mirrors you must have in your home

You absolutely need:

  • A mirror as large as possible in your bathroom over your sink. The smaller the bathroom, the bigger the mirror should be in proportion!
  • A full-length mirror in your bedroom. This will help you greatly in the morning when you get dressed
  • A mirror as close as possible to your front door. Because you know you'll want to take a quick look at yourself before going out in public or opening the door to a guest.

5. Good places to shop for mirrors

This really depends on what you're looking for. A lot of people might be satisfied with the basic mirrors they can find in big retail stores. If you're looking for some very specific type of mirror, say an antique type, you might want to visit a lot of stores or even consider looking on auction websites.

26 May 2008

Moving In: Tips on Choose the Right Furniture

If you are moving you might think about the age of your furniture and will it fit in the new place. When people move, it is a way to start over. The best way to start over is with new furniture in a new look than what you had in your old place. Just like in the saying, out with the old and in with the new.

When you are looking to buy furniture you need to consider a few things like pets, kids, cost, durability and reputable sellers. If you have young and mobile kids, maybe white is not the color for you. If you have pets that are not completely house broken or still like to chew on things, then leather would not be the best choice. Other things to consider when you are looking at buying furniture are the long-term duration of the furniture. Is it something you will only be keeping for a few years, or do you want something that will last for many, many years?

One of the biggest factors in revamping your household is obviously your budget. If you can’t afford the cost of designer furniture at the moment, then most places have the options of in store credit. In store credit is where the store provides financing for your purchase. In order to find out if the in store credit is available; you just need to check with an employee or manager.

When you move into a new home your décor may not fit into the overall structure of it. This is where buying new furniture will come in handy. You want furniture that fits with the structure of the rooms and gives the room a personality. You do not want a room that looks like it was just thrown together. This is where contemporary living room furniture will come in handy. The contemporary nature of this furniture will give life to a room without costing you a fortune. The furniture is functional as well as decorative without appearing gaudy.

The new furniture you buy for a new home or for a totally different look in a room needs to provide personality whilst at the same time being functional. The functionality and decorativeness of contemporary furniture does well to provide you with these features.

25 May 2008

Simple Home Decorating Tips

Author : Robert Kokoska

There can be no doubt about it but when it comes to decorating a room - preparation is King, or Queen if you prefer. Regardless of whether youre painting or papering you must have a good surface to work on. The very first thing to do is to clear the room of as much furniture as you can, then cover whatever is left as well as the floor covering. Next, get the surface ready to decorate; rub down the surface and get rid of any loose or flaking material, then fill in any holes or cracks and finally make sure the surface is clean.

Another stage in your preparation is making sure youve got all the tools and materials that youll need. Ive done this myself before now; gone out and bought the paint, got the room and surfaces ready, opened the tin of paint, gone to get a paintbrush and - Oh! I forget to clean it properly after the last time I used it.

When it comes to painting a ceiling or wall I always prefer to use a brush. Today there are numerous pads and rollers that you can alternatively use for painting. Regardless as to which method you prefer always buy the best quality that you can afford. Theres nothing worse than having keep stopping painting to pick bristles or bits of foam off the surface youre working on. Also, if in the room youre decorating you are going to paint the ceiling, do that first. If youre painting the walls its much easier to paint along the edge of the wall to the ceiling rather than vice-versa. If youre papering the walls, a bit of ceiling paint on the walls wont matter.

Paints today are far more advanced than they were even five years ago and one coat emulsion paints really will work in one coat. However, Id always have a look at a wall or ceiling surface the next day, when fully dry, just to make sure another coat isnt needed. If theres any glass or wood you dont want to paint, make sure the edges are at least taped over to avoid any paint dribbling on to them.

If youre papering a wall, depending on whether you need to paste the paper or the wall, you might need to size the walls first. (Plaster walls are incredibly absorbent and will suck the moisture out of any paste very quickly.) Make sure the lengths of paper you cut have a bit spare - top and bottom - for fitting it and be patient. Getting the first drop of paper right is essential, make sure youve a good plumb vertical line to fit against and dont try and start in a corner. Ideally take the width of the paper and start just inside that width near a corner.

Finally, presuming youre decorating in your own home you still need to be vigilant about your own health and safety. It really isnt worth it standing on a chair, thats balanced on top of a table, so you can reach the ceiling - only to fall off it and break an arm, leg or worse. The few dollars you might spend on a step ladder could be nothing compared to the medical bills and lost earnings. Also, if youre decorating around electrical fittings turn them off at the fuse box and never disconnect or meddle with a gas fitting.

24 May 2008

Home Design And Decor

by: Anthony Benjamin

Interior Design And Decorating - For the intrepid interior designer and decorator there are many career choices. Some people prefer working as a general interior designer and decorator. Others prefer to specialize in one kind of interior designing and decorating such as southern home interior decorating or perhaps the western interior decorating theme.

Office interior design and decorating has lots of different specialties for example: blue print drawing, hallway design, lobby decorating etc. It is important to remember the goal of designing and decorating an office that would make the the clients and employees environment feel more at home than insted of a work space.

If you choose to a specialized field of interior design and decorating there are some downsides you need to be aware of. Most important to remember if you limit your scope for a certain shecailized area of interior design and decorating, you are also limiting your number of clients.

There are also upsides to specializing in one particular area of interior design and decorating. Due diligences will be an asset in helping you make a name for yourself and perhaps become one of the top few interior designers and decorators in your specialized area of expertice.

Interior design and decorating is a specialized career with many opportunities. If you have natural creative and artistic talent this is a great way to express your personal creativity.

19 May 2008

7 Langkah Ubah Gaya Kediaman

Menjadikan kediaman sebagai satu aset yang bernilai tinggi bukanlah suatu yang mudah. Kediaman yang menarik bukan hanya terletak pada perabot yang mewah tapi ia lebih daripada itu. Semua itu memerlukan usaha dan komitmen yang tinggi dari penghuninya. Bagi mereka yang mementingkan gaya kediaman yang mengikut peredaran zaman, pasti tercari-cari idea untuk diaplikasikan di kediaman masing. Di bawah dikongsikan beberapa langkah mengubah gaya kediaman anda agak nampak menarik dan mampu memenuhi citarasa anda.

Tentukan gaya yang diingini.
Kebanyakkan kita sememangnya peka terhadap kepentingan dalam memilih gaya hiasan rumah tetapi kurang bijak mengadun gaya sehingga kediaman kelihatan jangkal. Bagi anda yang menggemari gaya klasik dengan penggunaan perabot jati misalnya, perlulah bijak memilih konsep, susun atur, aksesori dan warna mengikut gaya yang diingini.

Paduan warna
Dalam memilih warna dinding, kebiasaannya kita akan memilih warna berdasarkan warna kegemaran. Namun, anda perlulah bijak mengenalpasti warna yang sesuai mengikut gaya dan suasana kediaman anda. Perhatikan keseluruhan rumah anda sebelum memilih warna yang sesuai. Jika hampir keseluruhan barangan rumah anda berwarna lembut, anda bolehlah memilih cat dinding rona gelap bagi mengimbangi ruang kediaman anda.

Penumpuan feature wall
Penggunaan feature wall atau titik tumpu penting untuk memberi visual luas pada ruang kediaman terutamanya kediaman bersifat manimalis. Titik tumpu bagi sesuatu ruang kediaman mungkin terletak pada dinding atau aksesori hiasan. Sekiranya anda memiliki ruang tamu yang sempit, elakkan daripada menggunakan warna gelap pada dinding atau menggangtung aksesori terlalu sarat. Sebaliknya, pilihlah warna yang bersifat natural agak ruang nampak lebih luas.

Pencahayaan keseluruhan ruang
Pastikan ruang kediaman anda mendapat sumber pencahayaan yang mencukupi bagi mengelak ruang kelihatan suram dan tidak bermaya. Sekiranya kediaman anda terlindung daripada sumber cahaya, pilihan warna yang lembut adalah tepat. Begitu juga dengan penggunaan lampu. Kebijaksanaan anda memilih lampu yang bersesuaian juga penting seperti lampu dari jenis warmlight, kerana ia akan menghasilkan kesan visual yang lebih cangtik dan membentuk bayang lembut.

Penggunaan soft furnishing
Soft furnishing atau penggunaan kemasan merupakan penyelamat kepada kediaman kerana ia mampu melembutkan gaya susunan dekorasi kediaman anda. Kebiasaannya, ia lebih tertumpu pada pemilihan langsir, permaidani atau kusyen. Namun, bagii mengelakkan kediaman kelihatan membosankan, elakkan penggunaan warna yang senada atau corak yang sama terlalu banyak.

Sentuhan akhir
Kediaman yang indah dan mendamaikan adalah terhasil daripada kediaman yang sentiasa bersih dan harum. Sebagai sentuhan akhir, letakkan pewangi pada ruang kediaman bagi mewujudkan sebuah kediaman yang bukan sahaja harmoni malahan mampu mampu memberi ketenangan jiwa kepada penghuninya.

13 May 2008

Tips Bilik Sempit Nampak Luas

Bilik yang kecil memang kurang memberi keselesaan kepada penghuninya. Cubalah konsep rekaan ini yang mampu membuat bilik kecil kelihatan lebih besar dan luas.

Gunakan warna cerah
Dinding berwarna cerah dan terang adalah lebih bersifat pemantul dimana ia akan membantu memaksimumkan kesan yang dihasilkan oleh cahaya semulajadi. Namun, ini tidak bermakna anda harus menggunakan dinding yang berwarna putih. Terdapat pelbagai warna cerah seperti hijau cerah, kuning muda atau krim.

Sebaik sahaja warna dinding telah dipilih, pilihlah pula warna untuk acuan dan kemasan. Catlah warna tersebut sama dengan warna yang sama dengan dinding atau warna yang lebih cerah. Objek cerah nampak dekat sementara objek gelap atau bebayang kelihatan seperti jauh dan membuat bilik anda menjadi lebih besar.

Jangan bimbang jika bilik anda menjadi tidak menarik kerana warna gelap boleh digunakan bersama perabut, hasil seni dan aksesori lain. Jika warna bilik sememangnya gelap, cubalah memaksimumkan warna putih dengan cara mengubah warna gelap tersebut sebagai latar belakang.

Berhati-hati apabila menggunakan kertas dinding. Lebih selamat menggunakan satu warna sahaja di samping menggunakan corak kecil sebagai warna kedua.

Apa sahaja warna dinding atau warna terakhir, dinasihatkan mengecat siling dengan warna betul-betul putih untuk memaksimumkan kecerahan.

Penggunaan Cermin
Cermin boleh memberi kesan yang menarik bagi meluaskan bilik. Cermin yang besar dalam bilik akan memberi pantulan cahaya semulajadi dan cahaya buatan bagi menampakkan bilik cerah pada siang dan malam. Cermin juga memantulkan cahaya terang dari luar masuk ke dalam bilik menjadikan bilik kelihatan lebih besar.

Gunakan pintu kabinet berkaca bagi membuatkan ruang menjadi lebih besar dan tidak sesak. Cermin besar di meja solek, pintu almari pakaian bercermin atau dinding besar dari lantai sehingga ke dinding boleh membuatkan ruang yang kecil nampak besar.

Susunan Perabot
Susun sesetengah perabot besar di sudut. Anda tidak perlu meletakkan setiap perabot pada sudut 45 darjah dengan tepat, selalunya sudut yang kurang nampak cantik jika diseimbangkan dengan perabot lain.

Meletakkan perabot pada sudut amat berkesan kerana garis lurus yang panjang dalam sesebuah bilik adalah berpenjuru. Apabila anda meletakkan perabot di sudut, ia membawa ke arah ruang yang panjang dan jauh daripada dinding yang rendah.

Perabot Sepadan dan Berskala
Pilihlah perabot yang telah sepadan dengan keluasan bilik. Sebagai contoh, dalam bilik kecil gunakan kerusi terbuka pada bahagian belakang atau sofa ringkas daripada perabot yang sarat dengan hiasan. Ini adalah untuk memastikan perabot tidak menguasai ruang.

What To Consider When Decorating Your Home

Home decorating for many people is about designing a living space into a personalized environment where you feel at ease and at home. Home decorating is an wonderful way of taking an out dated space and transforming it into a bright, happy atmosphere. It is not only about designing, organizing your living space, painting and manual labor. It's about accessorizing your living space which makes home accents just as important, if not more so.

Decorating your home is something you can do with confidence. Decorating on a budget can be exciting if you approach it creatively. Decorating living space to living space, and acquiring a few pieces at a time makes decorating your home less stressful and takes the strain off your wallet. Decorating your living space should be a fun experience when you use your home decor to show your personal style and taste. This also assist in making your life at home more comfortable. Decorating is a exciting, creative way to show some of your interests and tastes, as well as those of your family.

It’s always best to plan ahead of time, before you actually start a home decorating project, whether large or little, it’s a good idea to understand what is involved and to think about how it will be completed. Before you engage in decorating your living space, you should envision exactly what you want people to experience once they walk into the living space. Most home interior design is varied in style, with a selection of traditional and contemporary furnishings, meshing new with the old. You should carefully choose furniture that suits your family and arranging the pieces in a way that coincide with the home decorating theme. Home decorating can involve a variety of different hues, fabrics, furniture, flooring and accessories. Once you researched such things as color and how it can be applied, room proportions and planning, you'll see yourself designing new ideas for your home decorating.

Design comes from within and is a reflection of your personality. Before you start to decorate, remember that most likely never is a living space decorated in one style. Most home interior design is assorted in style, with a blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings.

Accessories, are usually not something that is easily copied exactly, thus, more than anything else, accessories add personality to a living area. Accessories add character to your home. whether those accessories are art work or accent pillows, try accessories that show a interesting detail and stylish decor. By purchasing the most genuine accessories, you will be able to transform your living area design to look like it was decorated by a professional minus the high cost. To highlight your interior design display a variety of home accents like stuffed animals, artwork and photos in frames.

Home decorating is often seen as a desire however, it should be an exciting experience. It is of interest to anyone who wants their living space to look beautiful. Decorating your home is a memorable experience and one that will be cherished for many years to come.